Worldwide, 0-47 percent of sexual assaults are perpetrated against girls age 15 or younger. In Nigeria, 1 in 4 girls is a victim of sexual violence. Adolescent girls who are victims of sexual violence are at high risk of contracting HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections, having forced pregnancies, developing Vesico-Vaginal Fistula, and experiencing long term psychological trauma. Above all, the violation of girls' sexual rights undermines the sanctity of adolescence, compromising a safe and empowering transition from childhood to adulthood.

Safe Kicks Initiative is kicking out the menace of sexual violence, using a preventive and girl-centered approach. Through Taekwondo classes and after-school education clubs, vulnerable adolescent girls increase their self-confidence and improve their self-defense skills while learning about proactive ways to prevent sexual violence. The empowered girls move on to sensitize and mobilize their communities to take action for the protection of adolescent girls.